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6 rows  Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate Cast aluminum tooling plate is manufactured from a

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Cast Tooling Plate. Also known by tradenames MIC-6 Cast, K-100 Cast, and ALCA PLUS Cast, Cast Aluminum Tool Jig Plate is produced from a fine-grain aluminum alloy which is free from internal stresses. This material is internally stable, which assures minimum movement during machining. Tool Jig plate is a machined product, with flat surfaces and a surface finish equal

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C250 Aluminum cast tooling plate (MIC 6® equivalent) or “Jig plate” is an excellent candidate for most processing techniques and both interior and exterior

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Aluminum Plate Cast, also known as MIC-6, is normally used for tooling and base plates. Cast plate offers exceptional stability and consistency between plates. It has superior flatness and dimensional tolerances on the thickness. Most of our aluminum cast plate stock is available in full size and custom cut

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Howard Precision Metals offers Arconic’s Mic 6® cast aluminum jig plate from stock. Parent plates are produced in standard 36.5, 48.5, 60.5 inch widths x 144.5 inch long, with the maximum width Mic-6® a 60.5″ width. This width limitation is due to its continuous casting manufacturing

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The ATP-5 Cast tool and jig aluminum plate can be used for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Its versatility and its dimensional and mechanical characteristics enable it to be used for applications that require flatness and dimensional


Our aluminium cast tool and jig plates are suitable for many applications across the industry, including reference plates, construction equipment, machine parts, tools, and jigs. If you need products with sound dimensional stability and excellent strength, choose PCP

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Easy-to-Machine Cast Aluminumfor Tool and Jig Plates. Made of 5083 aluminum, these cast tool and jig plates are more corrosion resistant and respond better to anodizing than MIC6. This material is comparable to Alca 5 and ATP

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Aluminum cast tooling plate is typically produced using an aluminum alloy that is fine-grained which results in minimal internal stresses. This results in flatter materials and less part movement during machining. TCI Precision Metals is a value-added distributor of cast aluminum tooling

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Cast aluminum tool and jig plate can be special ordered to any custom thickness, width, or length with a minimum run of only 2000# and lead time of approximay 3 weeks. Our multiple vendor base allows us to handle non-standard requirements quickly and

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Aluminum cast plate is a machined plate with close tolerances. It is know by various trade names, such as Mic6, Alca Plus, and K100. This plate is typically used for stretch-forming dies, rubber pad process form blocks, assembly jigs, locating devices, drill jigs, pattern and core plates, and inspection

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ELLWOOD Aluminum manufactures aluminum cast plates that have ultra-high-performance alloys optimized for plastic mold tooling plate. Ellwood Aluminum specifically engineers to maximize the operational advantages of using aluminum alloys for today’s molding technologies, including injection molding, RIM, structural foam molding, vacuum forming, blow molding, rubber

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Aluminum Cast Tool Jig Plate. Typical Applications. Cast Aluminum Tool Jig Plate is used for assembly jigs and fixtures, welding fixtures, hydro press form blocks, drill jigs, templates, vacuum chucks, index tables, printing machinery components, automotive tooling, aircraft components, electronic components, vacuum chambers, rubber and plastic molds, prototypes, medical

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Compared to standard cast tooling plates, this product has better performance characteristics. This includes a stringent tolerance for flatness that is superior within the metals industry. The ATP-5 cast aluminum plate can be anodized and has great response to hardening. Anodizing can help boost the already great resistance it has to


Our cast tool and jig plate products can be found under the trade name of ALCA 5 ® Our ALCA 5® products are available in a variety of industry standard sizes. In addition, all of our cast tool and jig plates can be cut-to-size or produced with custom thicknesses, widths, and lengths upon

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Mic 6® Aluminum Cast Plate is a blend of the most desirable features of many individual metals. The manufacture of this tooling plate material is the most advanced in the cast plate industry. It promotes consistency between plates and reduces the risk of disrupting material stability by entrapping

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Apr 29, 2021  Cast tooling plate, cast tool jig plate, and CT J all refer to cast aluminum products, which is not at all similar to rolled The truth is that you need to be aware that there are many crucial differences between 6061 T651 rolled plate and cast tool and jig

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Cast aluminium tooling plate is manufactured close to finish thickness by a horizontal continuous aluminium flow casting process delivering a uniform fine grain structure. The cast plate is then heat treated above 370°C for close to 10 hours to fully anneal (stress relieve) to remove any manufacturing

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Easy-to-Machine Cast Aluminum for Tool and Jig Made of 5083 aluminum, these cast tool and jig plates are more corrosion resistant and respond better to anodizing than MIC6. This material is comparable to Alca 5 and ATP 5. Clamping and Workholding. Grid Fixture

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Aluminum cast tooling plate; Contact. Precision aluminum cast plate. Chalco high precision aluminum cast plate has finer and homogeneous grain structure, with special state of stress digestion.High strength, good corrosion resistance and oxidation

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Our Tooling Plate is supplied in a 5000 series alloy. It is a cast product with both top and bottom surfaces machined to provide excellent thickness tolerances(+/-0.1mm). These surfaces re then protected with a removable PVC film This product also provides good flatness stability when being machined so is ideal for moulds, casts and items that

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Dec 01, 2021  I have been advocating cast tooling plate for a couple years because it is flat and thermally conductive. For anyone who doubts the flatness and suitability of cast aluminum for a 3D printer bed, here is a print I am running right now- 85 Nerdy Derby wheels all printing in one go on an unheated cast tooling plate bed with a layer of kapton tape and blue painter\'s tape, no

Speedy Metals 1/4\" Cast Tool Jig Aluminum

Now In: Aluminum → Plate → Cast Tool Jig → 1/4\" Aluminum Cast Tool Jig Plate. 1/4\" Aluminum Cast Tool Jig Plate E-mail this product to a friend. Click here for material description, specification sheets and typical uses. Speedy metals can custom cut plate materials to size. Call or e-mail us for more

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Cherokee stocks cast tooling plate from the finest manufacturers in the industry, offering a product with fine grain structure, great mability and superior anodizing performance. All cast plates are machined to thickness, affording thickness tolerances to .0005″ for

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Cast tooling plate is technically not a grade of aluminum. It is a cast aluminum product that been machined so that it is really flat. As you can guess, it is primarily used when flatness is critical. Although there are many flavors of cast tooling plate (K-100, Mic-6, etc) we at MK prefer a brand of cast tooling plate called ATP-5 because not

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Dec 01, 2008  life per tool [note: a 2618 cast aluminum (Duramold 2 and M1) has a recommended shot life of 100,000 hits]. There are some challenges to working with aluminum tooling, Negrelli adds, which include maintenance, the need to improve toolmakers’ skill sets with manufacturing an aluminum mold, and the need to continue to improve processes to

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Every single plate receives a final inspection and covered with protective foil. For ACP 5080 in width of up to 110.00″ please visit the product page of GIANT Dimensions. [The aluminum precision cast plate ACP 5080 with the fine-grained aluminum cast structure is available in the semi-finished aluminum product range of alimex Precision in

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.500\" Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate MIC-6. Friend. Direct any correspondence to: Metals 4U - 1240 Majesty Dr., Dallas, TX 75247 USA +1 (214) 231-1434 *Prices subject to change without notice due to the Metals Market fluctuations. * All \'value length\' and \'value pack\' item measurements are subject to a \"mill tolerance\". A product may be


Precision Cast Aluminium Plate By utilising state-of-the-art technology, equipment processing systems, Vista Metals o˜ers a unique cast aluminium tooling plate that is speci˚ed for a wide diverse range of manufacturing applications. Due to its versatility, consistent mechanical

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Alloy 6082 is known as a structural alloy. In plate form, 6082 is the alloy most commonly used for machining. ECOCAS Ecocast is a fine milled and high precision continuous cast aluminium tooling plate. Using this superior grade provides reduced set-up times, reduced machining times and extended tool

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Aluminum Cast Tool Jig (ATP 5) plate is vertical cast, stress-relieved, machined plate providing sound dimensional stability with minimal or no distortion even after extensive machining operations. Cast Aluminum Plates have a precision machined surface for superior flatness, flat within .015\'\', and +/- .005\'\' thickness tolerance, and are

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Aluminum Tooling Plate. Description. This is a cast-aluminum product developed primarily for tooling applications. Through a fine grain casting process and subsequent stress relieving, this product is dimensionally stable and readily mable. Tooling plate is a machined product with flat surfaces and a finish equal to 32 micro-inches or

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CAST TOOLING PLATE. A continuous cast plate machined both sides to about 25 microinch finish and thermally stress relieved. Has best thickness tolerance of any aluminium plate plus maximum stability. Excellent for precision applications such as electronic base or mounting plates, photo vacuum plates, checking fixtures. Has good welding


PCP Aluminium produces precision cast plate and blocks for these sectors of activities and many others : manufacturing, transportation, plastics and

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Plate. Matched with our vast array of plate processing capabilities, EMJ’s offers plate inventory in multiple grades of carbon, stainless, alloy and aluminum plate