Classic Country Weddings & Receptions

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A family owned authentic barn can be the perfect place for a rustic or country wedding venue.

We are a family farm wedding venue with an authentic barn and vintage farmhouse nestled in the rural outlay of Kent, WA, south of Seattle. The Grimstad barn has been transformed into a magical wedding venue strewn with charm to spare. The old weathered barn wood with its traditional red and white trim creates the perfect rustic backdrop to your event.

We are not an empty barn sitting out in the middle of a pasture needing a visionary to decorate us. While most of our weddings are held outside at the pond, under the trees or out in the lawn viewing the scenic landscape, our barn and farm are decorated with bits of antiques and decor that creates an entertaining venue for you and your guests.

Today weddings in a barn are taking place all over the country and offer the bride and groom a chance to hold their wedding in a very personable and unique location. Just like farm weddings, a barn wedding can be dressed up or dressed down to match the style and decor of your wedding and offer endless charm.

Contact us to book your wedding, or for more information.

Telephone: (253) 631-6865

Wedding Package Pricing

Packages start at $1,950 for 6 hours with additional hours booked at $200 per hour.

Weddings include: use of the entire Grimstad Farms nine acre site for your wedding day, a one hour rehearsal, (time to be determined) and a “save the date” photo shoot.

Preferred VendorsWe also have an event coordinator, seamstress, florist, and graphic artist on staff that can help you for an additional charge.

  • Our Preferred caterer is:
    Main Event Catering
    Mike and Kim Lind
  • Our Preferred photographer is:
    Rachelle Erickson Photography


Weddings and receptions include the use of the entire Grimstad Farms site for the day of your event,  a one hour rehearsal at an agreed upon date, and a two hour photo shoot on an agreed upon date. We have 4 venues to choose from, Barn Loft (inside), Barn Lawn, Wedding Pond and Dock, or The Woods area in the back of the property.

Event Barn Chapel Loft

Grimstad-1121000 square feet, with small balcony

  • Lighted, tulle covered beams
  •  Wedding arch – can be used inside or outside
  • 120 white folding chairs -can be used inside or outside
  • (2) 4’x2, (1) 4′ x 2 V2′, (1) 8′ and (10) 6′ folding tables can also be used outside
  • Communion or unity table-can be used inside or outside or on the dock, small podium
  • Pump Organ
  • (Please, no running, dancing or jumping in the Barn Loft)

Event Barn Main Floor Reception Area

Grimstad-511600 square feet

  • Fully decorated, Antique bar, Piano, tape, CD, turntable
  • Portable microphone
  • 20 tables with chairs and linens (seating – about 100, chairs can be added for more seating up to 130+
  • Lace covered round cake table or satin covered 4′ table
  • 60 cup coffee, 30 cup hot water and 2 small coffee pots
  • 2 punch bowls
  • Garbage cans and bags, recycle bins available

Grain Bin
Bride’s dressing room

Bride’s room, originally held grain on a Montana Farm, but now is turned into a “SURPRISE” for the Bride and her attendants to dress in. Also open to guests after the ceremony.


Log Cabin
Groom’s dressing room

The Groom’s dressing room is a 100- year old log cabin, decorated with home life antiques, hats, boots and duster jackets that the groomsmen can wear for some fun photos. After the ceremony your guests are welcome to tour the room.


Outdoors Grounds Features



Wedding Pond


Wedding Pond
  • Lots of seating with patio benches and chairs, also the 120 chairs in the Loft can be used outside
  • Cement pad for tent, dance floor, or games
  • 5′ rocking horse
  • Many photo opportunities
  • Swings, play house, rolling tube
  • Antique laundry tubs with your ice for cold drinks
Vehicles – John Deere Tractors
  • Surrey with the Fringe on Top pulled by a small decorated
  • John Deere tractor
  • John Deere Tractors/equipment trailers
  • ’34 Ford Trucks, 29 Ford Truck
  • Christmas Sleigh
  • Very Old Original Doctor Buggy for photos
  • All available for use, decoration, or photos
Prep Kitchen
  • This room is used to set up food for the event; it has a large refrigerator, freezer for ice, microwave, two chafing pans, many trays, platters, utensils and crock pots.
  • Our “Little House on the Prairie” school room is filled with antiques and has crayons and paper for the younger guests to use – adult supervision required.
Antique Store
  • There are some things for sale in every area, but this is our dedicated store. Your guests are welcome to walk through and see some unique vintage pieces. Kids must be with an adult to tour.
  • We have 4 parking areas that should be ample for your guests. We ask that you have three attendants to help with the parking before your event.
  • We have many areas for some wonderful photos for you and your guests. Please take advantage of the site and get those family photos and friends photos that you have been wanting but never found the time.


  • Guests-we need an accurate count
  • Pastor-we will meet at the rehearsal
  • DJ – must visit the site prior to the wedding
  • Food – caterer must visit site before wedding cake, plates and forks, coffee cups
  • Photographer – photographer must visit the site prior to the wedding
  • 3 parking attendants for before the wedding
  • Designated “go to” person or wedding consultant
  • Help with chair set up and take down
  • Banquet permit for beer and wine
  • Insurance rider
  • Be on site for any deliveries
  • Explain the Liquor policy to your attendants and guests – we allow only beer and wine in bottle and cans, NO hard liquor or kegs. VIOLATION COULD RESULT IN THE TERMINATION OF YUR EVENT.
  • Smoking – only allowed in the parking lot. NO SMOKING IN OR NEAR ANY BUILDING.
  • Anything you use must be replaced after the wedding
  • Take everything you have brought in with you
  • Leave the site as you found it
  • Dirty tablecloths can be left on one table
  • Any kitchen items used can be rinsed and left on the table in the kitchen
  • “Go to” person should check in with us when they are ready to leave
  • Tie each black garbage bag and place by the door inside the event barn before you leave.


Classic Country Details Galore!