Because John and I waited so long to get married, I wanted a dream wedding.  Meeting John and knowing he was the right one for me was the beginning of that dream wedding.  We found Grimstad farms.  That was it, we booked it and started our journey to our wedding day, August 27, 2011.  That facility was gorgeous, an old fashion small town theme, a mercantile, a school house, a baby log cabin for the groomsmen to dress in and a silo reconstructed to become the bride’s room and the bridesmaids, that was delightfully beautifully decorated with antique dressing tables and a place where my gown hung from the ceiling, with our cowboy boots placed in a circle around the wedding gown. We brought in a cotton candy stand, a kettle corn stand also, they had a marvelous caterer that did our dinner.  We had chicken and pork.  Connie was such a beautiful seamstress, she made my veil and my train.  It was gorgeous.  They allowed us to use their surrey, not having a horse, my nephew drove their John Deere tractor hooked up to the surrey, what a wonderful way to come down the driveway to our guests and be ushered to my soon to be husband.  He was blindfolded so he didn’t see me coming on the surrey.  It was a beautiful place.  Ron and Connie were so very gracious.  We will never forget our special day at Grimstad Farms.

Mr. and Mrs. N.,

This is a long overdue thank you for all that you did to make Jenna and Trevor’s wedding a dream  come true at you venue last December.  Your kindness and provisions were so greatly appreciated.  It was a beautiful day at a special venue that was so fitting for their Air Force wedding.

Barb A.,