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Meet The Grimstads

Ron and Connie Grimstad

Ron and Connie Grimstad

We love “old stuff” and you will find lots of it on Grimstad Farms.

Ron taught math in the Kent School District for 30 years while we raised our three daughters on 5 acres very near Grimstad Farms.   When they married and started their own families we bought this property – 9 acres with an ugly house and very old barn.   Ron kept his promise and remodeled the house; in 2005 we kicked the cows out of the barn and Grimstad Farms was born, we like what we have so much we wanted to share it with all of you.   It is still a work in progress that we love to show off to our visitors.

We started collecting old stuff on a trip to North Dakota in the early 1980s – then in the early 2000’s we visited Montana and the auction bug hit us. We have made many trips to Western Montana and have come to know some wonderful auctioneers. We are on their lists now!   In our truck and utility trailer we often look like the Clampett Family on the way to Beverly Hills. We do have lots of interesting things – if we don’t know what it is but it looks cool – we have to get it. We even brought back a log cabin and grain silo to put back up here in Kent.

Please come visit sometime – we would love to show you around and share a few interesting facts about some of our stuff!

Thanks for your interest,   Ron and Connie Grimstad